Aidan Kenealy – & Investor

Aidan Kenealy – & Investor

Aidan Kenealy launched, grew and exited between 2013-2017. Within a year of launching, was consistently attracting 1 million unique visits and serving upward of 63 million ad impressions per day. By mid-2015 entered the global top 500 websites and the US top 10 mobile websites.

Aidan did many things counter to conventional startup wisdom and because of this grew into a unicorn of a business. EMGN enjoyed three years of self-funded growth, having achieved profitability and positive cash flow on day one before selling in 2017.

Aidan now spends his time advising and investing in startups. With his scientific background and mindset, Aidan has a unique, practical view of startup development.

Learn the story behind EMGN, Aidan’s approach to building companies and insights into the way his brilliant mind works.

Aidan’s Resources

  • Originals: How Non-conformists ChangeThe World  – Adam Grant
  • Thinking, Fast & Slow – Daniel Kahneman
  • Scaling up Excellence – Hayagreeva Rao
  • Finite and Infinite Games – James P. Carse
  • Playing to Win – Alan G. Lafley and Roger Martin
  • The Personal MBA – Josh Kaufman
  • Exponential Organisations – Salim Ismail
  • The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
  • Virolution – Frank Ryan
  • The Phoenix Project – Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries


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Great podcast. Full of useful insights.