About EU

Our Mission

To inspire entrepreneurs.

Our Purpose

To share the true stories, unique experiences and specific knowledge of people who have become extraordinarily successful in business.

We do this by inviting guests onto the podcast who have uniquely valuable insights and practices, which we draw out using good questions.

By sharing this knowledge, we hope to educate and inspire more people, particularly in New Zealand, to understand and develop their own unique skills and talents, and execute on their ideas and aspirations.

Carl has been a digital marketer from the beginning of the word. He’s co-founded companies: TradeGecko, Bronami, Contento and run his own marketing agency.

A natural problem solver, Carl’s passion is in taking complex processes and designing simple solutions.

Throughout the years Carl has helped, mentored, or talked at universities, classes, workshops, and hackathons. Always keen to help others, Carl co-hosts Entrepreneurs Unleashed to help share wisdom and inspire others.

Natalie Robinson

Natalie is the founder of Mum’s Garage, a learning and community platform for early-stage entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Natalie works with individuals to develop uniquely valuable companies and produces educational content, events and programmes to help more people become successful founders.