Shaun Quincey – Genoapay

Shaun Quincey – Genoapay

Shaun Quincey, founder, investor, extreme athlete and dedicated father, shares his experience starting and growing Genoapay.

Genoapay’s buy now, pay later financing solution has revolutionised the way consumers purchase products and services.

Shaun’s superpower seems to be his ability to get stuck in and do the hard yards, cut through the crap and focus on what matters most. We dig into the things that have mattered most, before and during his journey starting and building Genoapay.

The highlights of this episode include:

  • The importance of structures and routines to help manage the chaos of starting and growing a company.
  • The value of having the right people around you to pick apart your idea and shape it into something that’s more valuable.
  • Using customer discovery to find your right target market and make decisions about your product.
  • The realities of working in a corporate job vs. getting out at starting your own company.
  • Managing a capital raise, sales and many more good things!

Shaun’s Resources

Rework – Jason Fried
Built to last – Jim Collins
Blue Ocean Strategy – Harvard Business Review
Play Bigger – Al Ramadan
Measure what matters – John Doerr


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Rod Snodgrass
Rod Snodgrass

Yep. The mighty Quinster knows how to get stuck in. A very tenacious fella.